Sunday, June 22, 2008

A man after my own heart!

Or I'm a man after this guys own heart. 

Alan Waddell likes to walk the streets of his city. After his doctor told him he must walk or lose use of this legs, well Alan took off. He has walked every street and lane in 280 Sydney suburbs! Additionally he has chronicled his journey on his website
Every chance I get I have taken walks in and around Sydney. It is a wonderful city with fantastic views hidden around it's many corners. 
If I'm able I would like to meet up with Alan and go for a walk.

This is a picture from Alan's website:

There is only one shop on Hornsby Municipality's suburb Danger Island, and that's just a room inside a small house. Residents take the ferry to Brooklyn to do their shopping, and since they have no cars, they leave their wheelbarrows at the wharf at the end of the main "street".