Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alaska Trip: Corbin & Julie

Corbin & Julie Swafford

Dan Riggs - Julie's Father
Today the boys and I went fishing down south on the Kasilof river. Corbin went out of the gate and snagged a 24 lb king salmon. The rest of us caught a few little ones (dan), a rag (bernie) and at that point I admended the bet (winner gets an Alaska t-shirt) to winner gets the cheesiest Alaska t-shirt that the others pick out (i.e. dreamcatchers, totem poles, and wolves). Since it was apparent Corbin was going to win 5 hours into the fishing, we all agreed (minus him, but it was 3 to 4 voting) to the new rule. Well about 7 hours into the drift fishing I caught my one and only fish. It was 44 pounds!!!!! I was holding the rod and felt a hit and thought I lost it. Started to reel it in, the fish took off ended up going up stream, I reeled, it ran, I reeled, it ran. When I got it closer to the boat the guide kept telling me to keep the rod up, but it was so heavy and bent in half I couldn't hold it up higher than I was!! I informed everyone that I better land it or I will be mad!! I did. Yay!! I think I like fishing. It was all in all was a great day!! The only thing I am not looking forward to is the choice of t-shirt I will have to wear.