Saturday, August 8, 2009

Going Zoo with Two Kids in the Car going to the Zoo!

Jodie and I took the kids to Zoo Atlanta a few weeks back and nearly went crazy. Riding in a small car with two kids, one hitting the other is not good! Jodie decided after the drive we would get a new car. Our next trip to Atlanta was for that car. Pictures of the Chrysler Pacifica to come.
It was very important to Sadie that I take her picture brushing the sheep!
Little Jacks taking in the Zoo.
Sadie's View
Daddy look. Pig!

Another Friend

Sadie chased this goat around the petting zoo.
I'm climbing. Watch me!
Mummy's taking our picture. Smile.

The ATL zoo was better than we expected and we only paid $20 bucks to visit as we are member of the Chattanooga Zoo. We recommend a visit.