Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Are Having Technical Problems!

Have you every wanted to stay at the Novetel? For Free? We are! Qantas is paying and we will be here for one more night. The plane needed some type of part so we are staying rather-than swimming. 

Here is the view from our room. 

Sadie is enjoying the bathtub as she has tossed all the reachable items in it.  

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Last Go Around!

We woke up to a cacophony of Kookaburras howling and Sadie saying "Happy Baby." 

We have a few bags to pack and then we are off. We should be home tonight at 10:27 some 26 hours later! 


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Matt is flying in the upper north part of Australia. He has been flying school kids and enjoying many flights in the warm temperatures.  

He has been as close as 30-35 Km to PNG with enough petrol to fly to Bali, Indonesia.  

Jodie's Past Years

Crow Family 1991

Dad brought out the old pictures from years gone past. Jodie was happy to see the pictures but not so happy about posting them for the world. 

Crow Family 1988 in South Australia

Jodie playing on her swing back in the early years. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cruising The Hawkesbury River

Postman's route boat cruise. We took mum and Sadie on the Hawkesbury river visiting the little settlements from the train station at Brooklyn onto the Post boat around the Danger Island, to Little Wobby, and up to Milson's Island. The ride took four hours and Jodie got warn out. Two and half hours would have been idea for Jodie. I talked with boat driver Lyn (not a captain) learning the history of the place. 

Need a ticket? You only have about 330 stops to pick from! 

In the City

Sadie in the Park overlooking the Bridge! 

I love Sydney and would love to have a house in the city...

Keeping it in... "I Eat". ! ?

Cockly Bay's Lindt Cafe' 

Chocolate for breakfast? Liesl got us to eat the Degustation sampler platter and wow! This decadent taste sensation overloaded us, as the three of us did not finish it all. However Liesl and Sadie worked the pot of melted chocolate like a bee on a freshly blossomed flower.  

The shop! Hummmmm Good...

A few hours after the Chocolate we found a take away shop for a savory vegie sandwich. This type of sandwich is Jodie's very favorite and greatly missed in the USA. 

I Feel a "Sicky" Coming On!

It is great to have friends to enjoy hanging out with. Liesl joined us for two days of good-old-catching-up and shopping. Monday was low key, visiting the park for Sadie and a quick shop for food ending the evening eating with the Schulzs, Crows, and Swaffords. However Tuesday blossomed into a spending frenzy. Liesl got a new battery from NRMA (like AAA auto in the US) costing an arm, then on to fill us the car costing a leg, and finally the shopping. I watched Sadie so I have not clue what that cost, but who cares the girls proudly sported  bags to the cars with contented smiles. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A man after my own heart!

Or I'm a man after this guys own heart. 

Alan Waddell likes to walk the streets of his city. After his doctor told him he must walk or lose use of this legs, well Alan took off. He has walked every street and lane in 280 Sydney suburbs! Additionally he has chronicled his journey on his website
Every chance I get I have taken walks in and around Sydney. It is a wonderful city with fantastic views hidden around it's many corners. 
If I'm able I would like to meet up with Alan and go for a walk.

This is a picture from Alan's website:

There is only one shop on Hornsby Municipality's suburb Danger Island, and that's just a room inside a small house. Residents take the ferry to Brooklyn to do their shopping, and since they have no cars, they leave their wheelbarrows at the wharf at the end of the main "street".

Feed the Farm Animals: Sadie

Sadie loved all the farm animals today. Grandpa Crow and Oma along with Jodes and I visited an animal park containing Australian wildlife and farm animals. 

Sadie milking a cow. 

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Night Looking at Slides

Dad Crow found a few slides from the 70's & 80's so we could have a look.

We found this one of Josh Prescott. I'm not sure of his exact age but his mum put him on a can. We hope to get a small stack of the old pictures digitalized. More to come. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Have Teeth & A Puppy!

My Mum, Dad, and Grandpa Crow took me to the puppy pound because I can't stop talking about puppies! I saw lots of yappy dogs and had a fun time.  I have to work on my Daddy now, he will not let Mum and I have a doggy. 

PS: See my teeth.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Apple Store Sydney

Apple Store Sydney is open!
I queued for four hours to see the new Apple store open. The rumors were strife with word of free swag bags to free petrol coupons.
Well we got a free t-shirt and a clap on entry. The store was interesting but much like all the other Apple stores I have seen.
I did enjoy all the talk with the "Mac Geeks"!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Big Day Out

We had fun at the zoo with old friends. The kids liked the minor birds the best which we could have seen in the car park, and playing in all the puddles of water!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Staying With Dad!

We arrived here at Dads on Monday and Sadie got to take a bath in a giant pool/bath! She had fun with her favorite Auzzie Grandpa.

Giving Grandpa a kiss!

Sadie helping with the laundry. Aka, tossing it out of the basket while Mummy is trying to put the cloth in the basket. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crows In Cage III

Jesse And He is 16 and about to start driving!

Many generations have been fed out of this little red chair Great Grandnana bought for $1.

Sadie's Very Special Uncle Matt

Crows In Cage II

Jodie and Jarrod

Uncle Wayne

Ben Crow

Vicki Reading Stories

Jarrod and Sadie

Crows In Cage

Sunday Lunch on the Crow Farm...

Crows in a Cage

New Bird Aviaries

Welcoming Sadie by Grandpa and Great Grandnana

And Great Grandpa