Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hill Sliding: Chattanooga River Front

Watch Me!

The Meds were working!
Sadie and I talked, Mummy and Jacks out of the car and for a ride down the hill twice!

Jacks in Melt Down!

Eating grass and his banana peel.

Fun times sliding with Sadie!
We wish you all could have been here with us.

Starting to Recover! First day outside... Sickness. Fevers!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jacks' First Birthday!

Number 1

Jacks ate every bit of his cake!

"I got it daddy. Let me blow it out for Jacks."

Fingers in the cake.

Echidna Cake


Sadie helping Daddy open Jacks present. I'm just not sure Jacks got to play with his own gift.

Just before Sadie stole Jacks toy!

Family Shot!

First warm day in months. Little man climbed the table multiple times.

"Mummy, Watch me stand!"

Sadie loves reading especially with Roothhie.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Play Time

Fun Times: Daddy is Just Waiting for the Teen Years!

Play Doh: Mummy's Best Sitter

Hours of Fun and Time for Mummy to Clean House!

Jacks Wanting to Get in on the Play Doh Action.

"Daddy Look at Mommy and Me!"

Little Brother Loves Playing with His Sister. It is Neat to See Your Children's Love for Each Other!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ornithology 101


Grandpa & Grandma have been teaching the kids the bird feeder birds.


Sadie loves talking about Mr. Hawk as her eyes spryly looks for him.

Kids Visit Grandparents: Fun Times

Jacks Surprised Grandma Showing His Climbing Skills!

Look at Me!

"Take My Picture."

"Look at Sadie! Grandma and I are camping."

Eating Blueberry Pancakes!

"I like mixing. It's my turn!"