Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look At ME! Jacks

Jacks Sitting Up For the First Time
Come Play with ME!
My Big Sister Has Been Picking on Me!

Jacks Stands Up!

Jacks Standing at 5 Months
Daddy and Jacks Practicing
"Time to eat my hands again!"
Enjoying an Afternoon with the Smith Family
Friends Swinging
Cami Feeding Everyone Yummy Food
Daddy and Kids

Caving Trip: Student Park Cave

The Big Boys
The Ionita Family & Sadie
Big Chad, Little Chad, and Kim(?)
Hiding From the Rain
Our little Cavers
Sadie Before the Rain
At the End!
"Daddy & Me Cave Again Soon!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grandkids Playing!

Jacks having fun with Mummy.

Sadie flooding the floor.

Jacks demoing his ability to talk. You should hear him at 5:15 AM most everyday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Canoeing the Conasauga River

The Group
"Daddy, I'm swimming!"
"Hold Me!"
The Captain
Love the Lifejacket
"Catch Me!"


All the Pictures from the day can be found: MobileMe Gallery - Canoe Conasauga River

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week of Activity: Teaching, Caving, Canoe Building, and Canoeing

I started the week teaching for one science methods class for UTC. It was as an enjoyable time and I hope useful the the attendees.
Boy's from my sixth grade class last year at SMMHS. Good times guys.
Nelson & I working on the Selega
Adding oil

Just after oil was added
Hills family in their Morris wood canvas canoe
Ren & Christen with Snacks!
We came out to watch millions of bats leave the cave. It was quiet while they flew past. The kids from the Tennessee Aquarium sat at the entrance of the cave and enjoyed the bat guano.

Great story about the cave: Against all Odds

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alaska Trip: Corbin & Julie

Corbin & Julie Swafford

Dan Riggs - Julie's Father
Today the boys and I went fishing down south on the Kasilof river. Corbin went out of the gate and snagged a 24 lb king salmon. The rest of us caught a few little ones (dan), a rag (bernie) and at that point I admended the bet (winner gets an Alaska t-shirt) to winner gets the cheesiest Alaska t-shirt that the others pick out (i.e. dreamcatchers, totem poles, and wolves). Since it was apparent Corbin was going to win 5 hours into the fishing, we all agreed (minus him, but it was 3 to 4 voting) to the new rule. Well about 7 hours into the drift fishing I caught my one and only fish. It was 44 pounds!!!!! I was holding the rod and felt a hit and thought I lost it. Started to reel it in, the fish took off ended up going up stream, I reeled, it ran, I reeled, it ran. When I got it closer to the boat the guide kept telling me to keep the rod up, but it was so heavy and bent in half I couldn't hold it up higher than I was!! I informed everyone that I better land it or I will be mad!! I did. Yay!! I think I like fishing. It was all in all was a great day!! The only thing I am not looking forward to is the choice of t-shirt I will have to wear.

Smith's Fireworks Extravaganza!

Best to the Newlyweds!
The little kids where throwing the Snaps
Sadie was nearly smoked to death!
Rain on it's Way
Check out my Loot!
Sadie loved the Sparklers and Wanted More
The Big Fireworks Being let of in the Rain!

Thanks again to the Smiths for a Wonderful Time has by all.