Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday: Jodie!

Special Birthday wishes to Mummy!
We love you very much. You're the best Auzzie Mum.
Love, Sadie & Jacks

Another famous Smith salad. Yum!

Story time.

This will be a talking piece someday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Fun at the Spears' Home!

Sadie and Jacks are hoping everything comes in twos and threes!
Multiples holidays are great fun.

Grandpa & Grandmother started the fun coloring eggs and making cards.
Followed by a evening coloring eggs with Daddy and Mummy.
And then...
The Reeves had us down to their home for a breakfast brunch and hunt.
And if this was not enough...
Delighting the kids, Spears had their yearly egg hunt!

Thanks to everyone for the good memories.

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Class 1995: 15 Year Reunion

May 10, 2010

Easter Fun at the Reeves' Home!

Byfar one of my best memories...
Coloring Eggs with Mr. & Mrs. EOG
Finding Eggs
Eating Candy
Hearing the story of Jesus

Thanks Reeves. You guys are great friends.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Starting Spring Break off Camping!

on the Hiwassee River

Our favorite camp ground for playing, swinging,
and general car camping with a hot showers.

Little Man likes his food. We just need to teach him to eat.

Thanks Grandpa & Grandma for my new tent.
"I want to go camping and noooeing to see beaver and moose."

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