Monday, March 30, 2009

Carl & Beverly From 1971

The things friends find, scan, and then post to the web!

Carl & Beverly Camp Kulaqua 1971
(not sure of the other couple)

Sadie's Birthday, Reloes From Aussie, Corbin & Julie Visit

More updates to come... The pictures have piled up and I have been very slow to add anything. However it is 12:25AM and I'm just finishing up may plans for teaching tomorrow! Having Jacks has add more change to our lives.

This weekend we visited with friends and got Jodie, Sadie, and Jacks out of the house. It did everyone some good.

Thanks you guys for spending time with us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Wet-n-Rainy Ride with Cha-Cha~

Getting out is great, after rapping-up my routine tasks with the kids; I was able to sneak out for bike ride this past weekend with David Achatta! By the way, when are you guys moving back to TN, we miss having you around.
Dave feels all his flat lander friends need to experience the hills and mountains of TN and the Carolinas so up they came. Orlando to TN with five plus stops for biking. Not a bad little trip. Riding the Raccoon Mt trail network it is well worth a trip to TN. Check it out.

Dave & Chris -"I think Dave was sining: Rocky Mt High"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jacks Is Here & So Are His Pictures

Here are a few of our better pictures from our Jacks birth and first few days. Grandma Ellis has just arrived and we will be adding pictures of her visit soon.

More pictures can be found here: MobileMe Gallery - Baby Jacks' Birth