Sunday, January 11, 2009

Smith-Swafford Adventure to the Huck!

Huckleberry Knob (5560 ft / 1695 m)
The Calm after the Storm!
High Winds and Rain Cooking Indoors Smith Style
Hold on, The Wind and Blowing Rain are Crushing Our Tent!
Sunrise: 7:35ish Temp: 27 F (-2.7 C) degrees 

Jacob's first cold/rainy camping experience was a great time. Eric and I setup the tent in a hellish wind that was carrying away all not staked down. Braking all the rules for smart camping, our highly exposed site was not conducive for fire making. Diving into the tent we sorted a bit of food as the torrents of rain found their way into the tent, the shoes, the sleeping bags and most everything you want dry. Eric endured the 2 inches of water in this boots at the 4:30 am warming party (he only attended). After returning to bed he found sleeping a little more comforting on this frozen jeans, noting the temperature had dropped to 27. Jacob loved the trip and talked about the next one on our way home!