Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekends Fly Past! Pictures from Ours.

Little Jacks is starting to sleep longer yet Jodie is getting little sleep!

SouthWest had wonderful airfares to visit places like California. We planned out a trip to visit Corbin & Julie and the San Diego Zoo. It would have been a blast if we had not just purchased a cheap fare from CHATT to SYD for under $1000 each! Next time guys, we really want to visit!

Mike Hills and Chris Swafford (Cavin & Sadie)
The Big Mayfield's Cow

Notice the Swafford Furnature Warehouse

Daddy Eat!

Breakfast/Lunch at Cracker Barrel with John & Janice
You better watch out for Grandpa Swafford!

Spears had everyone out for a late East Egg Hunt!
Sadie loved it immensely. You guys are wounderful.

Just Before the Hunt!