Friday, January 1, 2010

Another From Down-Under: Liesl Schulz Visits

Chattanooga Aquarium Jellies Exhibit

Shark Cage: Little Shark Didn't Want a Picture!

Liesl, the kids, and I all visited a few of the Chattanooga's sites learning about the history.
We made it to:

Looking Across the Walnut Street Bridge with know one around. The wind and cold kept everyone with sense inside!

Sadie just after her first hair cut.

Jacks all Smiles. He loves lots of attention and laughs very easily.

Wishing Aunty Liesl Good Bye!
Thanks for visiting. We alway enjoy eating M&M's having you with us.

New Year's Day.
Sadie and Grandma Swafford made a ginger bread train. Sadie is very proud of it and no Mummy would not let her have it in bed.