Monday, August 23, 2010

Loving Sibilings, Maybe!

These two have gone without a nap today, this is not good! Arriving home, I have witnessed them insight each other for almost two hours.
"Jacks! Here is your car. Nope you can have it."
"Wack! Crying... Jacks hit me."     
"Mummy! Mo

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The rest of the story...

"Mummy! Mummy!"
"Yes, Sadie."
Sadie, "I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to dolly." 
She starts over again...

I was sending this little thought while watching both kids in the bath. I attached a photo of them playing in the water and about the time I was to finish my post, Jacks tossed a cup full of water into the air over his head. It landed on the phone. I tried to dry it quickly but it started doing crazy things. 

I'm still drying the phone and I'm not sure how the shoe picture ended up on the email. 

The two shoes above are ones I had been looking at... Keen and Kenneth Cole.