Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Australia; We are here!

26 Hours
Three planes
Two Airlines
A few dippers
Many screams

We made the trip. I'm not sure we are ready to make the return trip in a few weeks. But....

The grandparents and great grandparents came to see Sadie and she warmed to them quickly. Jodie's parents worked their own magic on her using play and food to break the ice. Sadie is in for a fun trip.

We could not hold our selves off shopping one day. We arrived and had to find a grocery. Jodie got Sadie and herself some auzzy tucker. Starting slow we only got Vitawheats and Arrowroot biscuits.  

The Lee had us over for tea and as alway it was wonderful. Manna and Pa Lee love to feed themselves and others. Thanks....