Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunrise Lake Macquarie

We are staying on Lake Macquarie with Mum & David. This morning I was able to send Sadie in to see Grandma and dash out to watch the rising sun. 

Day three and Sadie slept through the night! We put Sadie to sleep at about 6:30 PM and she slept until 5:00 AM with only one rewrap. The trip over has been hard on Sadie and harder on Jodie as Sadie always calls for Mummy. Grampa reading a story and Sadie playing at great grandpa/ma Crow's farm. 

Funny girl is showing us all of her tricks. She knows how to point to her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, fingers, and bellybutton. And worth noting, she can run across the floor, roll, land and with her hands and feet in the air look to see if anyone is watching. We are just waiting to see if she will start screaming. 

We have been out to Singleton to see the Crow's at the farm the last two days and today we are off to shop at Tuggarah...