Saturday, May 16, 2009

Naming the Driveway

Dear Friends and family, May 13, 2009

Well the county has decided that they need GPS coordinates on all of our streets and houses. A month ago they discovered our 900' gravel driveway did not have a name. Therefore they, decided "our gravel drive" must have a name.

They sent a form for us to submit our top three choices for our street name or in 30 days they would name it "ENGLAND WAY". A website was included so we could search all the street names in the county and not submit a name already used.

We looked at the site and found a SWAFFORD STREET and SWAFFORD LANE. We really didn't have the time to chose a name. It's not a baby. We had a hard enough time choosing our boys names. We don't even name our dogs to well. The dog we had the longest was named "Pup". It's just a dirt drive! We get mail. We get bills. The Jehovah's Witness find us all the time! Why does it need to be named?

SO they want us to name our street? Okay so we did. We suggested SWAFFORD TRAIL, SWAFFORD WAY and some other version I can't remember and submitted the form. OUT-OF-SITE and OUT-OF-MIND, right?

Well today we have a new letter stating they have decided that they will only use a word ONCE on a street name. So even though SWAFFORD TRAIL does not exist anywhere else in the county, we cannot use SWAFFORD because that name has been used on previous streets.

Now I pulled out the first letter and found that I had followed directions, BUT now they have decided they don't want to allow for any mix-ups with street identification. Might I remind you that UPS, FED-X, DSL and the Postal Service find us on a regular basis. The Girl Scouts, and every needy organization can find us to make donations, but the county is worried they will not be able to find us in an emergency. Just let one of those kids ride the fire truck that sells candy. The kids know where to finds SWAFFORD'S drive!

So I have 10 more days or my drive will be called will be called ENGLAND WAY! I try to be positive in these times but, "Why" does the county need to spend all that money finding and naming dirt roads and trails? And if they are going to do it, WHY ENGLAND WAY? We live in Apison, Tennessee, USA!!!!!! I don't think we had to run the British out back in the 1700's. I could see "Granny Squirrel Drive (a real name up the road), White Oak Circle, or Summer Breeze Drive. BUT ENGLAND WAY????? This is crazy.

So we need your help. If you have a good name for our road (I am serious) please reply to this email with your top choice (please limit it to three). We will spend the weekend going through the names and hopefully come up with a suitable name this time that is used no where else in the county. Be creative. You know our Outdoor lifestyle. If you have been here you know we have some woods and a field. We love our bird and butterflies. There are lots of Wood Thrush in the woods and a resident Red-Shouldered Hawk that has nested behind our house for 25 years.

Give it a try, We want an original name the county will remember. And a name that will catch their attention next time thy try to find us without the help of the local folk. Thanks for your suggestion in advance,

Carl & Beverly

Update: May 16, 2009

The time is up. This has truly been a fun activity. We had a 100+ suggestions! Here is the top ten that we received. Now this list will be taken to the family council, the top three chosen and submitted to the County. Yes, we will let you know which name THE COUNTY accepts.

Thank you for taking time to submit your suggestions. It's good to know that we have so many friends who came to rescue in a time of need.

Carl & Beverly


Top Ten

1. Droffaws Drive (Swafford spelled backwards and the name of Dad’s museum)

2. Old Buzzard Rd

3. Carlsgood Rd. (but I would prefer the alliterative "Carlsgood Court")

4. Raptor (Way)

5. Discovery Trail

6. Satyr Way

7. Catbird Alley (changed from street)

8. Pile-O-Rocks Trail (we actually have a huge pile of rocks at the drive)

9. Butterfly Lane (or Boulevard)

10. Thrush Song Lane