Thursday, May 14, 2009

Papa & Oma Visit!

"Daddy, Caro-line is coming to see me!"

Sadie has had a wonderful time play, being read to, and generally enjoying her visitors. Garry & Caroline aka Papa & Oma have been with us for the past week. Their quick visit has come to an end to soon. We are looking forward to the next visit during fall break if not sooner.
Happy Birthday Caroline. We know how much the girls are looking forward to your visiting them in Whistler. Enjoy your time in the beautiful Canadian hot spring.

Sadie ran and ran. We have got to get her out in the woods more often.
"Papa Catch Me"
Little Man Gets Some Attention

"My Blue Swing"
Afternoon Tea: Sadie liked the bicies, the tea not so much.
"Read it Again"
"I love you Papa!" -Jacks