Saturday, May 23, 2009

Swafford's Ice Cream De Jour


1-2 Pint(s) Half & Half
1-2 Pint(s) Whipping Cream
1-2 Cup(s) Sugar
1.5 tablespoons vanilla
1 Pint Strawberry Yogurt
1 Punnet Strawberries
1-2 bananas

1 box rock salt
1-3 bags ice depending on size

Add half & half, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla, sweeten condensed milk, and yogurt into a blinder and mix. Add strawberries & smashed bananas to mixture and continue blinding until strawberries are smallish in size. Place mixture in ice cream barrel with milk to fill line. Refrigerate until time comes to make ice cream.

-Adding yogurt to the mix helps make the ice cream smoother. We use vanilla most of the time.
-Devolve sugar by letting the mixture stand before making
-Many recipes add eggs however we don't like the egg flavor or the chance of salmonella
-Basic recipe: whipping cream, 2 cups sugar, vanilla, sweeten condensed milk, and milk
-After stopping the making process pull the agitator out and replace the lid. Pack barrel with ice and salt. Let sit for a few minutes as ice cream will harden.